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[title] => Dark Psychology 6 Books in 1
[subtitle] => Dark Persuasion, NLP and Mind Control, Memory Improvement Techniques, Dark Manipulation, Dark Psychology 101, and Dark Psychology Secrets
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[published] => 2021-11-16
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This audiobook includes six manuscripts.

Do you want to learn dark psychology secrets and the art of persuasion?

Do you think someone is using manipulation methods to manage your actions?

Do you want to discover a powerful all-in-one collection of the hidden side of human psychology?

If so, then keep reading…

This audiobook series delves into several of the most compelling psychological topics out there. You will be provided with six books that can teach you about analyzing people, understanding the mind and vulnerabilities, recovering from abuse, becoming emotionally intelligent, and more.

You will learn the deepest mechanisms of the human mind and how they are used to make the victim feel shame, guilt, and useless. You will learn about the power dynamics a manipulator uses to try to transform you into a slave.

In Dark Psychology 6 Books in 1 you’ll discover:

  • The principles of dark psychology applied to persuasion
  • The secret techniques used in dark psychology
  • The secret of deception and deceptive tactics in business and in relationship
  • How to use mind control to get someone to do whatever you want
  • How to carry out a real brainwash and to stop being manipulated
  • How to know when someone is using mind control against you
  • Understanding and influence human behavior
  • And much more!

Don’t let yourself be victimized any longer. Manipulation is all around you, and it’s impossible to escape. But it’s not impossible to fight. Turn their tactics against them.

Would you like to know more? Buy this audiobook now.

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