What made the experience of listening to Black Balled the most enjoyable?
First time reading anything by Andrea Smith or Eva Lenoir and I got to say, I am hooked. I need more. I loved Black Balled. The story was entertaining and kept me wanting more.

Troy Babilonia is a literary critic that does not hold back. He lets authors know exactly how he feels and what he thinks about their books without a care for their feelings. With his huge following he could make or break an author.

Larsen Blackburn is an Indie Author. His life is turned upside down after Troy reviews his book. In trying to save his writing career he gets intrigued by Troy.

The chemistry between between Troy and Larsen is off the charts. Their antics keeps me laughing and wanting yo know more. Between getting revenge and getting even their story changed. Their attraction to each other grew but they had other issues to deal with. Then they had the issue of who would be the alpha between the two.

Really enjoyed this story. It had me laughing and cheering. It had everything from drama, to jokes to a kitty that eats caviar. Recommend it!