Ryk Brown seemed to BURST into the Sci-Fi Genre outta NOWHERE, and just gets better with each book… I’m wondering when the Writing is going to pay more than being a Paramedic, so he can just WRITE Full Time?!!?

(BTW, Thanks for “Being Out There” Ryk… I played at being a Nationally Registered Paramedic for several years after retiring from the Army, But I never did it “Full Time”.. Too many “Frequent Fliers”, and “Addicts wanting a Warm place to get High on cold nights” in this area… When the same person calls 911 for an Ambulance FROM A PHONE BOOTH, AT 11 PM, FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT, it makes me roll up and say things like: “Sigh…Get In The Back, You Know The Drill”… I took a Red Sharpie Marker on-shift without any good idea of WHY I had it with me, and when the 4th person that night “Just wanted to get checked”, I reached for the Sharpie and STOPPED MYSELF before putting a Check Mark on their forehead… That was my last night on the trucks, because that’s just NOT the attitude a caring Paramedic should have, even with “Drug Seekers”… You have my respect Bro!)