Any additional comments?
Do you ever feel like your life is stuck on repeat? For Quantum Hugh’s this is a reality. A virtual reality he can’t escape from. He is stuck in a continuous loop of the game.

You might think a book where the main character is stuck in a continuous repeat cycle would be boring, you’d be wrong. Even though the story “repeats” the days on a continuous loop there is enough action, intrigue, mystery and subtle changes on each of these occasions to keep the plot fresh, engaging and interesting.

The story is fast paced, full of action and intrigue with plenty of humor and sarcasm. Very entertaining and enjoyable.

Great cast of characters. Quantum may not be the most personable or likable guy you’d ever meet, but you’d be pretty irritable and cranky if you had been stuck inside a virtual reality game for years too.

There has been a glitch in the game which has trapped him in the loop. The game doesn’t want to let him leave. It will do everything it can to keep him in the game. He is the games only “living” real human player in the game. He thinks he’s been playing for 540+ something days and counting when in reality it’s been 8 years. Everyday is for the most part is on repeat and everyday Quantum has to kill or be killed.

Things start to change within the game when Frances arrives to help him leave. They have been searching for him. But they are not the only ones searching for Quantum. He doesn’t remember who he was outside of the game. He is in all actuality the co-founder of a special unit who’s job it is to rescue players stuck in different games.

When he realizes the log out was closer than he realized that was a surprise.

Looking forward to the next book in the series. Hopefully the second book in the series will be available on Audible soon with Jeff hays narrating.

Jeff Hays did a fantastic job with the narration as usual. Nice voice. Clearly spoken with a nice smooth pace. Great character voices. Both male and female. Each character has their own distinct voice. I don’t know what kind of “magic” he uses to pull this off but it’s amazing. He’s not just narrating a story, he pulls you into story through his narration. Perfect delivery of the sarcasm and humor. You know when he is narrating a story you are in for a few hours of eargastic enjoyment.

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by he author, narrator or publisher.