This book had me cringing, laughing, crying and fanning myself.

The absolutely amazing chemistry between the two MC’s (Larson and Troy) is so hot and combative and at times over the top crazy that it will simultaneously have you screaming, laughing and moaning in enjoyment.

The subordinate characters are a hoot too Ida and her cat Muffy are so funny you have to wonder why you don’t have neighbors like them in your life.

I will say that some of the stark reviews that Troy (Babu) gives makes me wonder if being a writer is a good thing or not cuz he does not pull any punches in his editorial process and when Larson (L. Blackburn) falls between Babu’s crosshairs all manner of shenanigans ensues.

It’s a helluva ride to their HEA but I so enjoyed it that I can’t wait now to read/listen to the second book/audio.

Joel Leslie’s a favorite and his talented delivery is astounding and deserving of an award for being able to make every character individual and different from each other which can’t be easy on the voice but he manages it amazingly.