The premise for this series might put some off because it just seems weird. It works, however, thanks to the author’s ability to balance physics and magic. It will quickly feel no more ridiculous than any other take on future technology, and that is in itself quite the feat that Stewart has pulled off.

This first book is essentially an origin story for the rest of the series, which takes place a few years and many changes later. Eventually the series will feel like an intelligent take on the Jedi concept from Star Wars, one without Jar Jar Binks or any similar Hollywood ridiculousness.

It’s a good story in itself, one that establishes the universe and lays the groundwork for what’s to come. The story feels believable and pulls you in. Paired with Kafer’s performance it makes for an excellent book in a day and age where mainstream scifi ala Guardians of the Galaxy 2 emphasizes how it’s with indie creators that scifi lives on.