I love coming across a “new to me” author, and series and stumbled across Hell Squad while searching for something different to listen too. After reading the reviews, and visiting the author’s website, I knew I had to give this series a shot. Now that I’ve listened, I’m glad I did!

What really caught my attention was the alien invasion/apocalyptic theme, and the romantic relationship that develops between the H/h in a world that has literally gone to hell. Marcus, Elle and the other Hell Squad members are trying to defeat, and destroy the aliens who have invaded earth. In this first book, the Hell Squad team manages a small victory, but the war is far from over. I loved how this story establishes the relationship between the first couple Marcus and Elle, while also laying the foundation for future stories by introducing events, and characters that will take place in the next book. If each book in this series manages to not only develop a steamy relationship between a new H/h, but also build upon the previous book, while further developing the overall plot, I think I am going to really enjoy this series.

Another solid plus, the narration. Jeffrey and Samantha are excellent narrators, who do an outstanding job with the characters, and dialogue. This is a fast paced story, where the scenes can change quickly, and range from intense to steamy, but these narrators flawlessly deliver all the various tones and emotions throughout the story.

A promising audio start to the Hell Squad series, and an excellent KU/whispersync deal! Looking forward to listening to book two.