An interesting take on the survival genre. In solving the world’s hunger problem through genetic modification GMO the scientists of ExoGen created a different monster. The book moves quickly through the initial stages of infestation and breakout. Food was growing everywhere, but whoever and whatever ate those crops went through a change. Not a madness of sorts, but they became predatory as if reverting back to the beginning of life itself. “Survival of the fittest at its most gruesome. The higher up the food chain the more dangerous they became.” From small animals it eventually spread to humans, turning the world into a place of terror and chaos. Our main characters Peter Crane and his son Jakob survive in a farmhouse eating non-ExoGen food from a biodome. Ella Masse, ExoGen scientist and her daughter arrive on their doorstep chased by monsters both animal and human. Mercenaries search for Ella and her daughter also as ExoGen wants her back. Our four survivors journey cross country to reach one of Ella’s labs on the east coast. This is a toss up between three.point.five and four stars, but I’ll go high as the story seems to get better as it moves along.