What made the experience of listening to Seaswept the most enjoyable?
It was great to catch up with Esther, David, and the other characters again after finally getting back safely to the Catalina in book 1 and to follow along as they once again tried to get everyone back safely to the Catalina.
What did you like best about this story?
It was interesting to watch Esther and David’s romantic tension. Esther’s hesitation was very relatable and by the end of the book it was satisfying to see the direction in which it progressed.
What about Ray Greenley’s performance did you like?
Greenly has a pleasant reading voice and brings something different to each of the characters. I was impressed with his attention to detail especially in affecting foreign accents such as the Australian character in the book.
Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
I found this book was a good accompaniment to my daily commute. It had a good pace and was something to look forward to on the trip. There were several times where I just had to stay in the car after I’d arrived to finish the next section and see what would happen.
Any additional comments?
It was fun to see what was going on with the crew from Seabound that I listened to previously. It was great that all of the major plot points from this book were wrapped up by the end, but still has me looking forward to book 3.