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Very good

Review from The Black Farm →

The author’s story is a great journey through the aftermath of life with fresh ideas on the subject. Horrifying and relatable. The narrator is one of the best voices I’ve heard and made this story really come to life.Reminded me of Berserk, Dante’s Inferno, and the imagery depicted by Doré.

Kept me rapt

Review from Head Like a Hole →

For some reason, I kept getting lost in who was who, but I still really enjoyed this story. I eagerly wanted to know what happened next. It’s a little gory, but it doesn’t go totally wild with it, which I appreciated.

Must read

Review from The Least of Us →

I have just read this book and I can’t tell you how much this story and its timelines align with my experiences serving our population in a larger California city as a Firefighter and Paramedic over the last twenty years. Around 2010-2012 we all started looking around and asking ourselves ‘what was happening?’ in our..

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Good narration

Review from Head Like a Hole →

There is some really gruesome physical horror in this, especially if sea creatures give you the heebie jeebies. The motives were lame though. The answers and non-answers given are overdone. Cliched, tired horror tropes. It could have been better. It wasn’t boring though and the narration actually was pretty good.

Twists and Turns!

Review from Head Like a Hole →

I originally selected this book just because of the cover art (yes, I judged a book by its cover) but so glad I did! Just when I thought I had the ending of this book figured out, another little twist made it all the more enjoyable! This is a very creative story with great narration…

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