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This was a Hoot!

Review from Shotguns and Shifters →

I Really enjoyed this Story and the unusual town and residents. It was amusing to read about all the different folks and their oddities. The Narrator does a Great job with the various characters voices and the entire storyline. Looking forward to book #2 when it comes out on Audible

Bud, bunnies & little kids

Review from Show Me the Bunny →

I wonder how many women, men and children have been affected by domestic abuse. This story, besides bringing me smiles, is a sobering look at a real problem. It is not an easy subject. Not easy to talk about, not easy to admit to having been abused. And it can start so subtley. But I..

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Review from The Guy on the Right →

I absolutely love this book. Kate Stewart has a way with words that just draws me in and never lets go. Theo and Laney are so cute together. Laney is a spitfire that I absolutely adore. Theo is probably one of the best bookboyfriend I think I’ve come across. He totally made me swoon and..

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a great storys

Review from Pup Fiction →

Hmmm…. all ot it. The continuity of the characters and info about the dogs, breeds and shows was really interesting. I’m looking forward to the next book.