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Silence is Deadly

Review from A Strangled Cry →

Silence Jones has another assignment – eliminate a serial killer who is lurking behind the scenes of an upcoming and trending country singer. Each murder is brutal and has one thing in common – they are all dedicated fans of the singer. Silence must act quickly before the final killing happens! Erik Carter, the author..

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Fascinating train wreck of a case

Review from Bone Deep →

This was about a completely fascinating case that seems too crazy to have really happened…yet it did. The book is written in conjunction with the defense lawyer, which provided some great insight into how he handled the case and eventually brought about true justice for the victim. It was well written and insightful. My only..

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Review from To Be Claimed →

This was such a great book!! I wish there was more to finish out the story. It was like there was more needed to be said or like a part two needs to happen. Well part 4 I should say since this book has 3 books in it. Loved it though and can’t wait to..

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Wild… In The Best Way.

Review from A Necessary Kill →

I know that comparing any action/trained assassin story to Bourne is a bit of a faux pas. Still, there were scenes in this that the only way that my brain could compute was by going to the highlight reel in my head of scenes from those movies and pulling up the ones where he gets..

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Ring of Truth

Review from Midnight in the Graveyard →

The author obviously knows little about the military. Ft. Benning is an Army Training base not Marines. Marine snipers don’t collect ears or drop playing cards. The whole point of sniping is killing from a distance. No Sniper would ever get close enough to drop a card or cut off a souvenir. As an Army..

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