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Twin Switch

Review from Unwritten Law →

This was a good story that had the potential to be great! Loved the whole twin switch and the chemistry was hot. I new going in it was going to be a quickie. it just all felt a bit to rushed. Narration was good. I love Joel Leslie and could listen to him perform all..

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the authors note got me

Review from His Cocky Valet →

I loved this story, and even though the voice acting was a but cheesy, the overall message was good and wonderful. the authors last note hit me hard, as I am no stranger to grief. now I’m going to listen to all of this authors stories, bc I feel the kindred spirit energy, a d..

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Wonderful end to the series!

Review from Unwritten →

As usual, this final book of the series has everything I always expect from JR Gray. Imperfectly perfect MC’s dealing with real life issues such as anxiety disorder, speech disfluency, work schedule conflict, etc. I got all the love and angst I need along with a crazy dog!

Enter THE Dragon

Review from Attempted Rescuing →

An enjoyable and worthy continuation of a great series. The characters are growing into the promise of greatness that is their birthright. The antagonists are are fully fleshed out, and enjoyable supporting characters show up with welcome regularity. The author avoids the trap of resting on the laurels of having a few interesting protagonists, and..

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So funny!!!

Review from Once a Rogue →

Loved it more than the first book of the spinoff because of how funny they are together. I love how straight up they are and can be while being cute at the same time. Wesley with his bluntness is totally my vibe and again , HILARIOUS. I busted out laughing multiple times. 10/10


Review from In the Arms of the Beast →

I simply adored this whole series. I haven’t read many PNR but I’m so happy I sank into this little treasure. Joel Leslie is unf@#king believable. I could listen to him perform all day long. I’m so sad it’s over. definitely on my reread short list