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Mixed bag

Review from Wolfsong →

I was looking for something to scratch that gay supernatural itch and, to that extent, Wolfsong works. But don’t expect much else. The story is serviceable, if as incredibly predictable and as long as it is thin. The dialogue reads more like a sitcom than anything else and every sequence seems to drag on for..

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Loved it!

Review from Sink or Swim →

Baja is such a prickly pear and Jackson knows exactly how to rile him up. I adored this story from start to finish. It also had several parts that made me lol! An excellent continuation to an excellent series.

Oh my, I love themmmm!!

Review from Smash & Grab →

This book made me LOL, squeal, and the like! Ugh, it was so cute, but the plot was also interesting. On the run, being hunted by bad guys, nerd and punk rock shifter, ugh, need I say more! I loved this world, so excited to continue! And Kirt Graves does an EXCELLENT job of bringing..

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Review from Spruce Texas Romance Box Set →

The performance was spot on for all the books. It’s so hard to pick a favorite character. Buuuut, definitely Jimmy. There were a lot of lessons to learn and inspiration around each chapter. I absolutely loved it.