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Single Mom/Romantic Suspense

Review from Shattered →

Single Mom escapes her abusive husband. Finding her way into a small town and falls for the tattoo mechanic but holds him at arms reach because she’s terrified of being in a relationship due to her ex.

Slowwwwww burn

Review from The Golden Boys →

No scratch that!!! The author didn’t even lit the damn match yet!!!! This whole boo could’ve been avoided if the MMC would’ve just had a conversation with the FMC! Done resolved!!! I don’t feel sorry for the FMC tho. Like girl, the red flags was there! The male voice narrator was having some technical difficulties..

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First half was great but….

Review from Beneath the Stars →

This is a tough one. I loved both characters for the first half of the book. There were a lot of things that they needed to work thru for the second half of this second chance romance. My big issue is that part of the main guy’s issue was linked to his hero complex and..

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Life after Loss!

Review from Beauty and the Bayou →

Sawyer was grieving and learning to live life after the loss of his best friend/business partner. When Juliet showed up on his dock with her hardhat and life jacket Sawyer didn’t know that this was just what he needed. These two were a perfect fit once they figured out a few things. This was a..

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Small town romance done well

Review from Beneath the Stars →

Beneath the stars is the first book in the SugarLake series. A 4 book interconnected series best read in order- seeing as this one does a lot of set up for future books in the series. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that this was the first book/series Emily Mclntire published. I thought it was..

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