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great sci-fi concepts

Review from MECH: Age of Steel →

I thought some of these stories were just okay but some were absolutely spectacular. my favorites were after the victory and integration. dark sci-fi dozen well can just make you think about the possibilities. I see so.much potential in mecha sub-genre now that I’ve read this anthology.

The definitive history of roller derby

Review from Roller Derby →

Michella M. Marino’s meticulous research on the history of roller derby, resulted in the definitive history of this fast paced form of sports entertainment. The author eloquently describes the evolution of the sport (and roller skating), being trademarked by Leo Seltzer in the 1930’s. “Roller Derby” outlines how the entertainment genre avoided a early demise,..

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Space adventure and Pirates.

Review from Save Her Heart →

A gravity towards stories, with pirates or space adventures, and prefer lesbian audiobooks. This checks all the boxes, and I love the story altogether. the narrator was also perfect at keeping the characters consistent.

An easy listen

Review from The Venue →

It’s a good read to have on while working or doing housework. It’s not in depth or deep, but entertaining and easy enough to keep up with what’s going on.

Only somewhat interesting

Review from The Venue →

This storyline seems to be overused in films. The narrator was decent but lacked inflection. The only saving aspect of this book is the length; it ended before things became boring.