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Great one

Review from A Bee in Her Bonnet →

The story was short, quirky, and kept me engaged. It has a mixture of romance, magic and comedy. It is centered around Elva an elf that is a healer, and Art a demi god that is an inventor. As their feelings for each other start growing and coming to light Elva’s parents appear along with..

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Healed with a Kiss 💋

Review from Healed with a Kiss →

awww I just love this story. it was so cute. I just love true love and soul mates. those are the best kinda stories. I did feel bad for the bear 🐻 shifter there for a minute. but I’m glad Naomi came to her senses. the narrator did a good job too.

Romantic Suspense Revolving Around Relegious Cult

Review from Obsession →

This book was definitely more than I was expecting. I had never read the author before but was pleasantly surprised by the story. Angie’s baby has been kidnapped and taken into Mexico by her parents. Angie’s parents are leading a over zealous religious cult. Her father has many crazy beliefs. I don’t want to give..

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