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Unique story

Review from Urban Bigfoot →

The story is unique however the writing seems to be basic. A lot is sentences are short ans choppy and don’t flow like a lot of the writers I read do. The narrator is was okay. I would like to see where this story goes because it’s h like anything I have read before.

Death and Breakfast

Review from Camper Catastrophe →

Writer Patty Decker has a little help with solving a mysterious death by the ghost himself. I loved this story especially the quirky character of Patty Decker she may be nosey but her instincts proved to be on point. The storyline is creative and well written. This book may be short but it checks all..

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It’s okay

Review from Camper Catastrophe →

This short book is just okay. The protagonist is difficult to like and supporting characters are thinly developed. This is a mystery story of a twice widowed retiree living in what I see as a retirement RV park. A cranky neighbor ends up dead and our cranky protagonist, who sees ghosts, takes up investigating his..

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Pretty good

Review from Shadow Lake →

I liked this book and the characters although it took me awhile to warm up to Shane the H. He wasn’t very nice at first. I really liked his son Nick or Mick, I couldn’t tell which name she was saying. Which brings me to the narrator. She was ok, at times I thought she..

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Finding Peace

Review from Urban Bigfoot 3 →

This series is creative and heartbreaking at the same time. Emily is taken by a Bigfoot while on a morning hike and that sets off a series of trials that will turn her life inside out and upside down especially when their is a child in the mix. Em sets out on a path to..

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Emily’s Choice

Review from Urban Bigfoot 2 →

Urban Bigfoot 2 has Emily facing choices that will determine the rest of her and little Clump’s life. When a virus comes into the community that threatens the lives of the Sasquatches Emily must make a hard decision. The decisions are big but the risks are higher. I love this storyline it is full of..

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