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The real Rikers

Review from Rikers →

This book caught my attention because I love Law and Order SVU and they talk about Rikers all the time. I’d say their depiction is accurate, although not in depth. I appreciate honest accounts of people’s experiences. It was very enlightening.

Amazing Story

Review from Survival of the Fastest →

I do not admire what Randy Lanier did, and do not agree that weed is just a “plant” (as Randy says repeatedly throughout the book), but one cannot help but be impressed with what he did. One can only wonder what he might have built if he stayed on the right side of the law…

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too little of current issues

Review from The Three Ages of Water →

the UN SDG mid term report (2023) says we are not on track to meet any SDG goals by 2030. this book is too pollyannish. it does not cover current issues, threats, and solutions with the depth needed to suggest solid solutions. sad, because I think the author has the depth of knowledge to explain..

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No Audible. I did not enjoy this book.

Review from Hunting the Mirror Man →

SEXISTRIDICULOUS PLOTUNREALISTIC WITH NOTHING TO PONDERNOT IN THE LEAST BIT EXCITING NARRATOR DRABI kept thinking about my grocery list as this played. In this book you will immediately be introduced to the antagonist. Grey will immediately guess some ridiculous scenario and be correct. Women will be saved (even the poor poor weak female agents) and..

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