Can I change the audiobooks I’m tracking?

Yes! Change them anytime. To remove individual titles, go to My Audiobooks and click Stop Tracking on the title. For larger quantities, use the Audiobook Search page, deselect the ones you’d like to drop, and click Save Changes.

Once you stop tracking an audiobook, you will no longer be able to see ratings and reviews on that title or get any notifications about activity.

How long does a review take to appear on the site?

Ratings and reviews are updated just after midnight PST every day. Newly added titles are initially updated within a few minutes with a snapshot of current ratings and the 10 most recent reviews.

Can I get notifications about reviews in Audiofile Magazine?

Funny you should ask! This is in the works, and we hope to add Audiofile reviews to tracked titles in the coming weeks. If there are other online publications you’d like us to consider adding, please let us know!

I’m not getting any AutoTrack matches!

AutoTrack will only find exact matches. So if the name you are trying to match is “Gary Wizzelstein” and you only entered “Wizzelstein” in the AutoTrack field, it will not pick up a Gary Wizzelstein title. Use full, exact name matches as they appear on the product.

I’m getting some yucky reviews in my inbox and it’s bumming me out.

Yeah, that sucks! Some negative reviews can be constructive, but we certainly can understand not wanting them delivered on your digital doorstep every morning. That’s why we created Review Filtering! Set it up on your Notifications page– you specify a minimum rating threshold for reviews you’d like to see in your daily or weekly email updates.

I have more than 500 audiobooks to track. Can I track more than 500?

First, wow. Second, yes! Just contact us and we’ll discuss logistics.