This is a great Bones adventure. It’s about time we got to see him strike out on his own. He is the same loveable character we’ve all grown accustomed to. You just know he is going to get into some sort of trouble – this is Bones after all. I loved the pacing of this book and although it’s short, it includes everything you’d expect and then some. I loved the blend of adventure and mystery. David Wood’s writing just grabs the readers attention until the very last page.

It also includes the Maddock and Bones short story – Aztlan. This was a fun, short read…well, that was how it started, then I got sad (all I’m going to say is…the text & picture..dammit!). It’s hard to believe that a story involving these two characters could be done in a short story, but David Wood proves once again that he has the skill to weave an excellent adventure where these two are concerned, whether it be a short story like this, a novella or a full length novel.

These are great standalone stories and if you’re new to David Wood’s writing I think this would be an excellent introduction. Nothing that could cause any spoilers.

Jeffrey Kafer never fails to deliver and this is no exception. Whenever I read the Maddock Adventure books I always hear Bones in my mind as performed by Kafer. His performance of that character has always stood out for me, so having a book about a Bones adventure was great.