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Make a movie PLEASE!!!

Review from When Christmas Comes →

My husband isn’t a reader… I couldn’t possibly re-tell this story as beautifully as this reader did!! I just kept telling my husband…. You would LOVE THIS…. I hope they make a movie version!!! But…. The reader truly did a great job! So then what happened?????? I’m dying!!!

Good quick listen

Review from When Christmas Comes →

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Well written and engaging. I got through it pretty quickly because I could listen on 1.5x-1.8x speed and still get the full story. I’ll definitely get the next book in the series.

Not Good

Review from When Christmas Comes →

I was only able to finish this by speeding it up so that I could hear the conclusion. Most of the story was sad and melancholy. His depiction of the two main women in the story was that the were almost too beautiful to look at and peaceful and motherlike, blah, blah blah. They were..

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