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Terrible female narration

Review from King of Corium →

The story is great as always by these authors, but someone needs to tell the female narrator that she’s reading a novel, not slam poetry. I’ll be listening to the rest of this story via TTS thanks to her. The robotic voice of my TTS is preferable to whatever she’s doing.

Could have been better

Review from Damascus Station →

Plot contrivances used to advanced ideas taken too often. Healthy dose of POTUS, Syrian President both conspired to achieve their objectives, ridiculous code names, sex, betrayal and redemption. Story lacks nuance and intelligence with Syrians portrayed stupidly and heavy handed. Shoot first and ask no questions. Brother against brother leads to brother killing brother! I..

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There’s Potential Here

Review from New Love →

I’m fascinated by the characters and want to know where this ends but… with so many plot twists, this has so much potential but… it reads disjointed and includes unresolved, unnecessary pieces. Maybe I’d enjoy it more on kindle than audible.