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Families Protecting Themselves

Review from Lights Out →

I like all of the personalities of the “suspects”. This kept you guessing until closer to the end. Amazing what some people will do to hide their own dirty little secret personalities! I feel bad for the high school students, most of their parents were nasty people.

Outstanding historical, thriller fiction. Music lover or not — this story is worth listening to.

Review from Symphony of Secrets →

Wonderful snapshot into two time periods – 1920’s NY City music and production scene; and modern day research with investigation. Loved the characters. The narrator brought them to life. (I especially loved Ebony’s NYC accent and attitude!) Justice eventually served … only too late for a brilliant composer who was taken advantage of — and..

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Free Fall

Review from Free Fall →

Free Fall is the second book in the Wilde Boys series. This book is told from multiple points of view from Nash, Ellis, and Hanna. All three of these characters are going through something and end up at Nash’s place. Ellis to help him with his company, and Hanna to get a break from life…

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Review from Lights Out →

its ok. writing a little amateur, story a little tedious. narrator drove me nuts until i turned up the speed. only then did she become tolerable.

Stick with it.

Review from Perish →

The beginning was a little confusing because the storytelling was in the past and present and I was still learning the characters. After I learned the characters I was able to just enjoy the story.