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New male narrator is no Dark Prince!

Review from Taunting Destiny →

Love this series, but why did you change the male narrator? The new one just sounds average. At times he just reads through words almost mindlessly. No inflection, energy or animation in the lines. He does not convey the demeanor of an other worldly dark prince. If he narrates the rest of this series, I’m..

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Chapter 14 Is Missing!!!!!!

Review from Taunting Destiny →

I love this story, but Audible needs to fix the recording. Chapter 14 is completely missing and I can’t be the only one who has noticed. I had the digital copy, so I realized immediately, but if someone doesn’t, they could miss a big chunk of the plot. Come on Audible!!!!! Fix this!

About time

Review from Taunting Destiny →

I have waited a year for this Audiobook! I love the series! The banter between the characters is priceless! Sarrah’s narration was spot on as always. The male voice was disappointing, though . .You will enjoy the Audible regardless. Thank you for this book. Can’t wait for the next Audible in the series!