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Hot Air!!

Review from Hot Air →

Hot Air by Denise Kahn is absolutely wonderful story. Really enjoyed listening this one. All Listeners must grab this Audiobook now.


Review from Quiet River →

Quiet River is a really good Psychological Thriller. I Really enjoyed it and it kept me hooked till the last page. A Must read for all readers and listeners.

Another excellent book from Ms Kahn!

Review from Peace of Music →

A beautiful piece of art travels through the years, binding several generations together. The historical backdrops make the story so compelling and the character development makes you feel as though you know them. Read by the author, who knows how to properly pronounce each word in the various languages, really brings the story to life…

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Good Read

Review from Warrior Music →

Warrior Music was a good read by Denise Kahn.Mac and his entourage endure war with gallantry, patriotism, courage, heartache and passion. They use music to get through the anguish they face everyday. I enjoyed reading this book and cant wait to read more by the author.

Great Read

Review from Obsession of the Heart →

Obsession of the Heart was a good read by Denise Kahn. Davina Walters is an international singer and meets a young woman named Jean. Jean is paralyzed with fear while her ex husband is bent on killing her. Davina makes a quick decision to take her on tour where Jean’s ex husband plans his ultimate..

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