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Captivating Tale

Review from Killers & Kings →

This is a captivating tale. The audiobook masterfully portrays a world torn by the Old Gods and now on the brink of chaos due to the return of magic. The narration brings to life the ancient witch’s vengeful quest, adding depth to her demon minion’s rise as a sinister religious figurehead. The emergence of magic-users..

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Hunger games meets Hogwarts

Review from The Training Grounds →

highly recommend!! For anyone who’s into stories about unlikely heroes, epic world-building, and a mix of school life and saving the world. You’ll love it. It’s all about Darius getting thrown into this hardcore training academy, which is like if Hogwarts met the Hunger Games, minus the wands and with way more swords and elemental..

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Review from Children of Magic →

The narrator did a good job bringing to life these characters. The first book focuses on Eramus hiding his magic until he end up using it when Evree’s life is in danger which changes his life. The second book focuses on Freya and Strauth, Freya is afraid to use her magic and Strauth dislikes anyone..

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Great Story

Review from Silent Lucidity →

I loved this story and even though it was a single narrater when I generally prefer two it was done masterfully. If this is your genra you won’t be disappointed with this exciting listen!

Truly fantastic

Review from His Darkest Craving →

I will echo His Darkest Craving should have 10 stars. Jaime Treselyan made this book come alive! I read the book and absolutely loved it. Having in audible just amplified it! Love all Tiffany Robert books!