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Loved the book.

Review from Hogs in the Sand →

Enjoyed the entire story. Thank you for sharing. I wish I would have documented my story as well as you did. 25 yr AF veteran. Not gonna lie I was hoping you got the girl in the end.

Gorgeous written connected stories

Review from The History of Sound →

The environment these stories are set in, the landscapes, the sounds, the imagery are what connected most with me. The way each tale is written, and the way the stories expand on each other was really unique. I loved the audiobook, hearing Jenny Slate, Nick Offerman, Ed Helms etc. tell the stories was lovely. I..

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This book is mistitled

Review from 7 Seconds to Die →

The performance was awful containing many mispronunciations of common Armenian names. And the title of the book should have been “A military analysis OF THE WEAPONS USED in the Second Nagorno Karabakh war. As the book shows little interest in the history of the war itself.