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Terrible Narrator

Review from The Hag →

I really enjoyed the first book and I thought the narration was top-notch, so I expected this book to be the same. The story has an intriguing premise, and I saw myself wanting to know more about this storyline, but it quickly delved into the storyline from book one, and it left me wanting more..

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Blown away!!!

Review from Golgotha →

This book was amazing! Never once was I need. Ms. Watts does a great job of blending the plot together and keeping you wanting to know what happens next. I was happy to see Sadon have a change of heart at the end. Ama and Finnegan are my favorite characters so far. The realm of..

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Review from Hanover Haunting →

As someone that’s experienced paranormal activities since I was 4 years old, this was a nice refreshment hearing a story that someone went through a lot of hell and also found a way out. Beautiful ❤️


Review from Kingdom of Villains →

I enjoyed this story, but the h at some points became annoying. The story was good, fast, and had a HEA. I enjoyed it and I liked the epilogue 😉