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Loved this story!

Review from Beautiful Distraction →

The long, icy winter took a huge toll on the road up the mountain to their property and as Finnigan got out of his truck he looked at his tire in disgust. It was so torn up that there was no fixing it. As he grabbed the lug wrench and the donut he jerked in..

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Really tasty short stories

Review from Belong to the Night →

I 🥰 loved all 3 stories. The first story was by Shelly Laurenston and it is related to two other stories from compilations. Excellent book!📖. The Second story is by Cheryl ? And was a tasty read. I have read 2 or three of her stories in other compilations with Ms. Laurenston and loved them..

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Impeccable narration!

Review from Immortal Bastard →

Every since I stumbled across this series with the first book, I have become a dedicated fan. Putting vampires and the Amish in the same world was truly unique. Christian was always the strict rule follower and I couldn’t wait to see who Lydia gave him as a fated mate. Delilah was his opposite in..

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A satisfying read!

Review from The Carter Legacy: 3 Book Box Set →

The characters are complicated enough to yield nice surprises along the way, and the ending is satisfying. The overall trajectory was predictable, but how we got there was not. I appreciate that the sisters’ lives were touched by issues belonging to their loved ones and not really anything they had done. I’ll miss these characters.

Can’t get enough of this series!

Review from Prodigal Son →

This story is primarily Cain’s and Destiny’s story, but as with all of these books, we get a taste of what is going on with the whole community. Perhaps the biggest jaw drop in this book was Sybil! This series is so good and there is way too much time between the books. Cain has..

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Exciting! Crazy! And The ENDING…

Review from Dark Exodus →

After listening to Original Sin, I couldn’t wait to listen to Dark Exodus. I was not disappointed! This book had me on the edge of my seat. I went through so many emotions, there were times when I just wanted to SCREAM, and then the ending! Lydia Michaels does not disappoint, she will have you..

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Review from Prodigal Son →

This is the third book in The Order of Vampires series, an Amish Vampires Romance. Cain and Destiny’s story is fast-paced, passionate, entertaining, and suspenseful, filled with danger, action, drama, and twists and turns. Cain is Adam’s twin from Original Sin, the first book in the series. He is an enigmatic, and a fantastic character,..

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