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Utterly fascinating, compelling narration

Review from Courtroom 302 →

I couldn’t put this down. Detailed, explanatory, compelling, sympathetic, and cynical all at once. Bogira put together perspectives from people interacting with and working in the criminal justice system in many different roles and wove them all into a series of fascinating and maddening stories. (Maddening because it’s so frustrating to see how deep the..

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Good story

Review from Misbehaved →

Loved the story but the female narrator made the male characters she voiced sound like Igor or some other creepy sidekick. Especially Christian. I cringed each time she had to speak for someone that wasn’t the main character. Male narrator was great and the story is lovely though.

Great Read

Review from Social: The Social Media Series, Books 1-3 →

Social (Social Media #1-3) was a great read by J.A. Huss. This set consists of; Follow, Like, and Block. Follow (Social Media #1) was a great read by J.A. Huss. Grace Kinsella is a social person who loves the anonymity of being a blue bird on Twitter. It is where she is able to shoot..

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Amazing in that way…

Review from Courtroom 302 →

Was not sure what to expect with this book. It’s one of those books that challenges your core beliefs, makes you angry, and yet elates you. I definitely found myself just listening to the book continuously and not really putting it down you find yourself wrapped up in each of the cases and being a..

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Interesting Storyline

Review from Social Media →

The interesting storyline kept me listening; however, the sound effects were a bit annoying. One scenario towards the end with the pregnant woman was a bit far-fetched when it seems everyone nowadays is packing. The narrators did a good job; although, Mark was a bit bland at times. All in all, the book was pretty..

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