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Social media is not always our friend

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After listening to the first 3 books I was not sure where these 3 would go. There were ups and downs and flashbacks along the way. Over all the story was good and just goes to show that the media and social networks are not always what they are cracked up to be. The growth..

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FIX THE AUDIO (Story was great)

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What happened, Audible? The quality of this recording is questionable! I feel cheated and want my credit back. There was some annoying sounds in various parts of recording that cut off the dialogue. Ruined one of my fav author’s story! JAHuss stories are awesome. Fix it!

Fell in love

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I always fall in love with JA Huss’s characters. And so sad to see this series end. But looking forward to the adventures of her next series and characters I’m sure I will love them too!!!

Love the story, just not the male performance

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AUDIO-REREAD I love age gap romances, and Charleigh Rose’s unique and deft ability to maximize tension and that will-they/won’t they pull seems perfectly suited to a romance of the forbidden nature. Add in a bit of a mystery, a revenge plot, and an unhinged and obsessive stepbrother, and Misbehaved is an alluringly sexy, tantalizingly forbidden,..

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