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Review from Endless Winter →

I’m at chapter 30 and I’m hoping this book will be more than whiney dialog. The MC is pathetic. The Bible reads faster than this book. I am at Chapter 30, so there’s a chance it will get better. I will write more later. For better, or for worse. Grace Hamilton never let’s me down.

Phenomenal and inspiring

Review from Once You See →

The content of this book is very challenging to the western church concepts of building bigger church buildings centered around 1 person or the few gifted and for coming to church to be educated but refuse to mobilize and actively search for the lost sheep. The way this is written, historical fiction, weaves together several..

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It was ok

Review from Why You Shouldn’t Lend a Bad Boy Your Clothes →

Too long for my liking too many story plots that would stall the story to make it drag on longer before finally resolving things and pushing the story forward would have been better as a 10 hr not over 20 hrs but just my opinion. Otherwise I did enjoy it for what it was

Great story

Review from Major →

Another great Brazee book.Maxwell Zener did an excellent job as narrator. This whole series of books by Brazee have been good.