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This Book Is Amazing

Review from Homeless to Billionaire →

This book literally confirmed everything that I’ve been feeling as well as gave me some insights on what I need to do next in life and how to proceed with this solitude that I’ve been in. I really appreciate having been able to come across this book because it was amazing.

Story and performance even match

Review from The Sea King’s Lady →

The story had potential. The world was interesting. Can be read as standalone. The performance was just ok. The male voice was alright. He had decent character voices. He just sounded monotonous in between and a little old. The story was written ok- definitely seemed a bit choppy with some off pacing. Overall decent but..

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So Good…

Review from Blackheart →

The character development is excellent, the humor is witty, and the cliff hangers leave you eager for me. Narrator really could not be better.. please NEVER allow for a change here. Keep them coming!

Cringeworthy characters and completely unrealistic

Review from Artifact →

The story has tons of inconsistencies and many things that bothered me like how do we have this kind of tech less than 50 years from now but also they need human translators? The main protagonists are annoying and act childish, I was hoping they’d get caught and this torture could end.