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A more accurate title is ‘Who Is Not a Coder’

Review from Coders →

There are pockets of interesting anecdotes and observations about programmers and their products and power interspersed throughout this book but its main focus is on lack of diversity among programmers. Indeed this is an important issue, but not what the book purports to be about. To his credit, at times he makes an earnest effort..

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Review from Coach Me →

This book is so good. I loved everything about it! The writing, the characters, and the narrators were perfect. I was holding my breath until the end because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out for them. I wish I could listen to it again for the first time. I would definitely..

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Good, but a missed chance

Review from Wings of War →

Reading this book you really would like to ask the author “Who is your intended reader?”. A lot of the book is about the air war in general, which most readers who you’d expect reading a a specialized book like this already has a good knowledge about. However the parts that are about the development..

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