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Fun Thriller

Review from Hawke’s Prey →

This is a very high-energy action/suspense novel. The main character and the major sidekicks are not beyond the bounds of believability (though there is a bit of strain). The plot tries a bit too hard to add twists, and some of those are unreasonable, but the relentless beat of the action carries the story past..

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Even better than the story in the game

Review from Matt →

I love this story. Love it! If you are familiar with the Is it Love? all then maybe you’ve played Matt’s story. This is better. Not only does it give us the MC perspective, we also hear from Matt and Daryl, and it is so fascinating and insightful to hear their point of view. We..

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Perfect book even for a non coder

Review from Coders →

I was a little afraid of this purchase as I do not possess a programmer background. Im probably a Lv1 in knowledge, but I felt like testing myself with a more “complicated” book and I couldnt be more happy with having taken this ride.

Hawk’s War

Review from Hawke’s War →

This is an action packed book about Sonny Hawke a Texas Ranger. He get kidnapped and the other Rangers are looking for him and protecting his family. These are some hard core Rangers. Tough and Smart. This book held my attention from the start. It’s also easy to follow. Rene Ruse and Jeff Brick does..

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Didn’t care for the premise.

Review from Coach Me →

I struggled with this one. I got a bunch of free books on Audible and thought I would try to read this one before it expired on 5/7. I was uneasy about the premise, which is about an affair between a student and coach. She’s over 18 but it still felt icky. It felt like..

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