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Not your ordinary monster!!💜

Review from Saurian →

While I did enjoy this book and in fact, loved some of it, it was a bit on the slow side for me. It did pick up along the way. I especially loved the origin twist on this story. The characters were unique and interesting. The narration was fantastic. Andrew has a great voice and..

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Not bad, good story

Review from The Howling II →

I hope there is a third book as I would like to know how the rest turns out. What happens when they return to their families and if there are any other wolf’s left that will haunt them. Very well told story worth the credit.

Another creative story by Brandner

Review from Carrion →

Another creative and mysterious thriller by Brandner. Well performed with character’s accents and well performed personalities. Well enjoyed quick story. If you liked Brandner‘s other stories, then you’ll enjoy this one as well.

I’m going to miss her, a tomato ate my sister!

Review from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes →

They’re marching down the halls They’re crawling up the walls They’re gooey, gushy, squishy, mushy Rotten to the core They’re standing outside your door! Whether you’ve seen this Oscar winning, critically acclaimed movie or not, you need this book. Full of action, terrifying scenes of people getting slaughtered by tomatoes the size of cars. The..

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