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Review from The Rifle 2 →

Just as good as Part 1. A job well done capturing the veterans of the Greatest Generation. A must read for history buffs and people who take a liking of the Second World War.

The first book

Review from Kingdom of the Dead →

The first book started off slowly, but I’m glad I kept listening. It just keeps getting better and better and I hope the trend continues in the third book. Great job to the author, and thanks to audible for including these in the membership.


Review from The Rifle 2 →

Every American should read this book. It’s raw and gritty and doesn’t hold back what these men went through fighting for our country. I cried through each moving story. Thank you all for your service.


Review from 100 Fathoms Below →

I’m not usually impressed by military stories, especially submarines, since I find myself holding my breath! And got burnt out on vampires long before Twilight became a hit, but I have to say this is the exception to the rule. Great narrator, brought each character to life. Kept me up past my bedtime to see..

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