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Rydeville Elite set 2

Review from Rydeville Elite Box Set, Books 4-6 →

Rydeville Elite boxset 2 has books 4-6 including the stories of Charlie, Jackson and Sawyer. Siobhan always manages to pull out all the feels in her stories and bring you on an emotional roller coaster. I love how each of the stories follows a diffrent couple while working through an over arching plot throughout the..

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Review from A Team of One →

It’s not the worst book or performance, but it is very corny. More corny than a post thanksgiving turd. The performance was pretty flat with little variation in character voices.


Review from A Team of Six →

slow in starting out and I did not know whether to continue or not, but I kept on listening and really getting into the storyline and connection of all characters interacting with each other. For an 87 year old female to read entire book you have to know how much I loved it!


Review from A Team of One →

Good listen enjoyed the characters and the plot. A bit predictable in places but all in all a quality experience. The narrator is not familiar to me but was one of the best parts of the book. I think Carolan is wonderful.