So this is book 2, and it’s the same world as the first, only it’s with Vox and Riley’s siblings.

I have to say I loved Viper and Tina’s story but I kinda liked Riley and Vox just a little bit more.

Oh does Tina put Viper though his passes.. It was hella funny and sweet how hard he fights to show her he wants her.

I love that he has to win over their grandmother as well. That was kinda sweet.

These females really don’t make it easy on a guy but what I love is that both males, really don’t give up. When they found there mates they did anything and everything to be with them and show them they are it for each other.

Swoony right! I know.
Great book, wonderful series, and the narrator awesome.

*You don’t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*