The Willow Creek Vampires series is what vampire romances used to be and everything that I love in Paranormal Romances. There is a plot, YES A PLOT! There is romance without it becoming Porn. The romance is descriptive, yet it doesn’t cross the line in being too explicit. I listened to the first book in the series and immediately bought the 2nd one. Halfway through the 2nd book I knew that I had found a new author that I loved and purchased the final book in the trilogy. Finally, an author that hasn’t gone extremely porn yet gives you enough to be romantic. And to top it off, there is a plot. I just can’t say that enough.

It is nice to know that some authors are reverting back to the quality stories the paranormal genre used to be instead of going totally pornographic. Don’t get me wrong, I love descriptive romances but don’t want to hear the entire books being nothing but porn sex. A little goes a long way and I enjoy a plot. Thank you Stephanie Summers for giving us a good series with an actual story that keeps the listener engaged.

I do have 1 complaint. The books are too short. They could have combined this trilogy as all three books together are only 14 hours and the average time of most audiobooks. Book 1 was slightly less than 6 hours and book 2 and 3 only 4 hours each. Not worth the credits if the selling point is on time alone They should sell this series together as a complete collection or saga.

Now I must go on to book 3 in the trilogy to make sure Remmy is OK.