Any additional comments?
Short, quick and entertaining with a bit of humor. You never know when or where you will meet that special someone.

While this is a cute, entertaining and enjoyable story if your looking for a holiday romance that is full of hot & steamy action this is not it. While the story is about the building relationship/romance between Bobby and Paolo it’s more sweet than steamy.

Bobby spends his Christmas vacation visiting extended family in Italy. They are the “typical” over the top Italian family stereotypes that many Americans envision when they think of the Italian side/branch of their family. They are a fun, quirky, interesting and unusual bunch. They each have an opinion everything including Paolo which makes him doubt himself, his lifestyle and his potential. Bobby is not afraid of who he is and lives his life freely in the open. Bobby’s arrival gives Paolo some insight and confidence to face some of his insecurities and take a chance.

Being a very short book the attraction is instant on both sides although not acted on right away. Even though their attraction is building, the chemistry for me was missing. It just doesn’t come across in the story. I do have to say Bobby and Paolo do eventually “get together” although I would not describe their amorous scenes as steamy. It was just them consummating their relationship. I don’t mean for it to sound cold but there wasn’t any real passion or steam in their union.

It was a fun twist to realize that Bobby’s parents sent him to visit with the hopes he and Paolo would be a match.

A follow up book on their relationship building and moving forward would be a nice addition. Their adventures and experiences with Paolo’s visit to America could be interesting.

I do have to say the repeated reference to them being cousins, even though they are distant cousins, was a little awkward. Saying it once would have been fine.

Joel Leslie does a really good job with the narration as usual. I have listened to him narrate several other books. Nice voice. Clearly spoken with a nice pace. Great character voices. Love his range of voices. You always knew what character was speaking. He was able to bring the characters to life. Very enjoyable.

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author.