Any additional comments?
This was my first Jake Bible book and I enjoyed it a lot. Outpost Hell is a fun gritty story of a squad of “Galaxy Fleet Marines” who just want to steal some loot and retire in luxury. Its a space opera, the focus is on the personalities of the squad and their struggles but with enough “science” to keep you informed without pages of exposition. The characters are pretty well developed and we learn a lot about them without being talked to by the narrator.

With this kind of story there is graphic language and violence galore. A little too much language for me personally which detracted from the story but everyone has different degrees of tolerance. Andrew Wehlern did a great job narrating this story. The voices fit the characters and the pacing was good. The only thing I noticed was a name pronounced different once or twice but even that was hardly noticeable.

Story-wise its a popcorn novel. Plain old good storytelling. The tropes are there, with a few twists here and there but its a fun story. Action, survival, mystery and suspense all balanced out keeps you wanting to keep listening to find out what happens next. So i would recommend this book for the mature action adventure seeking reader

This audiobook was given to me at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review.