Any additional comments?
A Soldier’s Vow has a little bit of everything from finding love from afar, jealousy, pain, sorrow, death, fun, at times humor, love, lose, starting over, sadness as the author spins a story of fighting, dying and the pain it brings with it. You will have your heart ripped out only to have it thrown back at you as you turn the pages waiting to see what twist the author gives you next. I really enjoyed the story and thought the plot was wonderful. This is one story you will not be able to get through without it touching your heart and soul from so many different angles.

Ms. Kahn really needs to get some type of filter. Her narration is wonderful but there is a bad echo throughout the audio. Her character voices are great, she puts emotion in her audio’s. Her voices are very pleasant from her normal voice to her character voices. Her male voices are wonderful, her children voices are a delight and her women ones are delightful. There is no background noise but for the echo. There are a few places where she repeats wording. The volume stays the same throughout. You always know who is talking and what they are feeling. I really had no trouble picturing the scenes from the battles to the love these two share as well as the pain from the lose of friends and love ones. I did very much enjoy the audio and most likely will listen to it again. The narrator must really work on her sound system and get rid of the echo which does take away from it.

Winnie decided to do what she loved best and went to Paris to do her part by sharing pictures of the war from the good and bad side. Being a woman in this time period it was hard for a woman to take on a job such as this. They didn’t want her near the front line. Over time she got what she wanted and met the love of her life. This is a very hard time for her setting on pins and needles waiting to see if Henry would make it out alive so they can start their family and love each other until the end of time.

Henry wasn’t very nice at first but overtime he came to understand what drove Winnie. He has lost so many friends. Winnie was good for him in her he found a soul mate that really pulled him out and took away the nightmares of the things he saw. She might not have been there in body but her soul got him through some very tough times.

There are so many wonderful characters and some not so nice. The author gives you a well blended mixture of drama, happiness, sorrow and pain as she pulls you in with her humor. There will come a time when you will just want to cry at the injustice done to this couple from those around them. To really tell any part of this story would give too much of the plot away. I promise you will be very entertained but you best have a tissue ready just in case you need it. My heart broke and went out to this couple more than once. I did laugh with them as I wrapped my heart around their soul trying to bring them peace. What a wonderful story that really pulls you in. I had trouble putting it down. It is well written with such passion. I am really looking forward to reading more of her work.