Any additional comments?
A retelling, updated and gay version of some classic fairly tales. Entertaining, enjoyable, humorous and fun with a bit of romance. Just about every character you can imagine from fairy tales is at least mentioned throughout the book at some point. Finding that perfect someone and living your Happy Ever After is even a rocky road for those in the Fairy Kingdom. Even though these are stories we are all familiar with there are enough little twists to the story line to make each an interesting and engaging listen.

Cinder was a cute retelling of Cinderella. Complete with stepsisters, stepmother and Prince Charming. Love the twist with his Dads.

The Second story The Golden Rule a take on the Goldilocks was my favorite. Gideon Golden finds himself in a bit of a situation when his parents return home early. Jack be Nimble has been getting around in fairyland and wreaks havoc on Gideon’s life. His parents don’t approve of his choice and throw him out. The different take on classic characters was great. I was walking around laughing at the references made to the characters. The Dwarfs, the Woodsman, the Bakers wife, Alice in Wonderland, Prince Charming, Johnny Appleseed Peter Pan, the Big Bad Wolf, Gretel and more. I won’t ruin the experience for anyone by repeating the references or remarks but they are humorous and fun.

The third story is a retelling featuring Pinocchio but it’s not his nose that is growing when he tells a lie and he’s still having a problem being completely honest.

The last story based on The Snow Queen is a fairy tale that is not as popular or familiar to people as the previous stories which makes it the feel more original than the other stories.

While there is a sex scene in each of the stories it’s not drawn out, very sexy or sensual. It’s just each couple consummating their relationship.

Joel Leslie did a really good job with the narration. Nice voice. Clearly spoken. Nice even pace. Great character voices and accents. His delivery of the humor and sarcasm was spot on. He made the characters really fun. Very enjoyable.

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author.