The trapped video game genre is definitely one that expanding. It offers an experience that is unique in the sense that anyone can imagine themselves downloading and playing a game and it’s a really short jump from there to being immersed in it in the way that this describes. This is not a new concept but it is a compelling one and this is done in a good way it appears to be a native English production I’ve read several variants of this story that were written by people who are not native English speakers and it is always obvious. My one complaint with this story is not the performance the performance was masterfully done you really believe like there’s 10 different people speaking to you at different points in the book. But when the reader switches from a voice that is meant to convey thoughts they are thinking to ones that they are speaking the volume level drops, the spoken words are at a much lower volume and the thought words are added almost uncomfortably high-volume so you are going to spend the majority of this book alternatively being blasted by sound and wondering if you could hear what they just said.