This was another great novella from Elise Sax! Marion is behind on her rent again, and uses her lucky silver dollar to make a wish in the famous wishing fountain. She’s on her way home to change for an audition and she really needs to land this job. Mack, who happens to be her landlord, local diner owner, and crush all in one gorgeous package, joins her in the building’s elevator just in time for it to get stuck between levels.

Having listened to three of these books now, I can say that the author’s work improves with each one, and each book just gets funnier. Marion is kind of an exasperating hot mess, but still adorable. It’s easy light reading that will bring a smile to your face.

Angie Hickman did a great job as usual, she has the perfect voice for these lighthearted romances. Her reading isn’t too dramatic, and just sucks you right into the book. Great author/narrator combo!