Asher, Detective Douglas’ son, disappears without a trace. The police’s investigations are not fruitful and the case gets cold. Soon after, Tallow Jones, one of Douglas uncles, reappears after a long time, in order to assist with Asher’s case.

There were many things I enjoyed from this book: an intriguing plot, interesting and likable characters, a great narration. I loved Asher’s little sister, even though her abilities being just eight years old seemed a bit unrealistic. As a knitter myself, I really enjoyed the comments about her knitting, and I had to smile when she complained that ‘acrylic squeaks on the needles’ because it’s absolutely true! Only knitters will understand this.

I think this was an interesting plot, but sadly I lost soon interest after a while since it seemed that Asher had dissipated into thin air. I expected a little bit more from his point of view, but from a certain point, the book is just about Tallow and Douglas looking here and there. While I was listening to the story, and after the big reveal, I thought that the other part would have been much more interesting. It’s true that I haven’t read the other books within The Bowl of Souls, so maybe Cooley deals with the other aspects of the story in a different book.

I also felt that this book was addressed to Young Adults, but the character appearing in the story are adults and an eight-year old, which seems odd. Due to some gruesome scenes this book is not appropriate for young kids. Somehow the story and characters don’t really match the audience this book is targeted, and the fact that we seem to be missing the best part of the story felt a bit underwhelming.

What I absolutely loved was Andrew Tell’s narration. He used a compelling tone that kept me interested until the very end. The book was okay, but what kept me going was Tell’s narration. He delivered great character’s interpretations, giving each of them different voices and styles. Perfect narration and perfect audio production!

Although this was just an okay book, I am curious to listen to other books by this author. I think The Bowl of Souls saga would work better for me.

I received a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.