First of all I want to say that I enjoyed the cast of narrators. I love the fact that the author chose to use the same actor for each individual character in all her books in the series. It just makes them stand out. Although I love Nix, I didn’t care for her as much as I did for her sister. I think the fact that I feel that way is I had to stop in the middle of the audiobook to listen to other books, then go back and finish this. It took me a while to remember what was happening, but by then I was so lost with the momentum of the story. The chemistry between Nate and Nix didn’t seem as palpable to me.

I’m happy that they got their HEA, and that Nate was able to adopt the baby, but we never really fully found out what happened to the baby daddy. I know there’s another book in the series and I’m anxious to listen to that one considering Teddy Hamilton is one of my favorite narrators. I can already anticipate it being good.

Still, I don’t want to say many negative things about it because I did enjoy it and Claudia knows how to put humor into her romance. I did laugh, but not as much as I did in her first book of the series. She still one of my favorite new authors.