Would you listen to Red Dirt Heart 2 again? Why?
I listened to both books in the Red Dirt Heart series, and would definitely listen to them again. Walker is the most skillful first-person writer I’ve encountered. I was well into the second book before I actually realized both books were in first-person.
What other book might you compare Red Dirt Heart 2 to and why?
I might compare the writing to Klune’s Bear, Otter, & the Kid. Another first-person series, and another engaging story. Only Walker’s writing didn’t tend to go overboard on the internal dialogue. Just the right mix of internal thinking and external reaction.
Which scene was your favorite?
At the cattleman’s meeting when Charlie gets into a fist fight defending Travis, and he outs himself to the entire room. Charlie’s biggest fear was fellow ranchers finding out he was gay. Travis was out and proud, but kept his love for Charlie hidden so as to not force Charlie out. Not only did Charlie out himself, he made Travis realize how much he loved him.
Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
I totally could have, but I don’t have 7-hours in a stretch. Both books in this series are the type you can’t “put down” (or stop listening to).
Any additional comments?
Joel Leslie’s narration is top notch. I’ve met him and talked with him. He does foreign accents like a native. Unbelievable. And he makes each character stand out. He brings the characters to life, and engages the listener in the story.