Any additional comments?
A normal family are faced with the problems an EMP has caused. What I have liked about this story is this family was not prepared at all. The Ryman’s don’t immediately bug out to some secure planned location. They don’t have tons of food saved and they learned very quickly you can’t count on the government or anyone else for help. The Ryman’s are on their own. By book 3 they are trying to decide if they should leave their house where the safety of their family is being challenged increasingly on a daily basis, or should they leave and take their chances with the unknown. I find the characters are easy to relate to and likeable. It is an easy fun story to listen to. Each book is left with a cliffhanger and I’m happy to report that the next book is out. I suggested before that it’s a good book to listen to while driving on a vacation. There is no cursing and you don’t have to worry about the content in the books. Which is something that I appreciate also. The narration is by Kevin Pierce and as always he does a great job. I recommend this book.