Liam Callahan agrees to marry Melody Giovanni and bond the two mafia families together. Irish and Italian together? You know it’s going to be explosive. Liam is expecting an easily malleable woman who he can placate with a credit card. Poor Liam, what he gets is a boss, a ruthless killer who bows to no one including him… Gasp!

Get ready for a wild, insane ride. This audiobook is unlike anything I’ve ever listened to before. If you’re faint of heart or have any triggers, stay far far away from this story! There is wholesale slaughter, violence, and sex with no apologies. These aren’t good people, in fact, you can say they are pretty much soulless. The one powerful thing they have going for them is unwavering loyalty to the family. Oh, there’s squabbling and some serious family infighting going, but when the family is threatened, they pull together and take no prisoners.

Ruthless People is narrated by Joel Froomkin and his Irish accent is to die for! Joel voices all the characters in this nearly 12-hour audiobook. It was the most adrenaline fueled listen I’ve heard in quite awhile. This audiobook is the first installment of the Ruthless People Series and I’m so glad the other two audiobooks in the series have been released. I’m dying to find out how this story plays out!

This audiobook was received in exchange for an unbiased review!